Marvin - Give It Up Tee

Balboa - Stare Down Tee

Officially launched on the day of my birth, April 30. High-fives to each and every Taurean and respectful shouts to all of the other zodiacs, pardon my bias for the Bull; The worker.

I'm sharing the first two designs by Edreys Cultrue, as a part of the "Canvas White Classic" limited edition series. Once these whites (white tees) are gone, they're gone, leaving these two designs to only be offered in two to three other color ways from then on out.



Leading off the official launch of Edreys Cultrue are two designs that are a part of our Limited Edition  called "The Canvas White Classics." This series is a nod to our slogan, Wear Art Thou, as we see each design on the white t-shirt as a piece of art on a white canvas, hence the framing presentation. We offer a limited run of the Canvas White and once they're gone, that particular design will not be offered again in the white color way.

The first of the two Canvas White Classic Limited Series is "The Balboa." Silhouettes of a classic movie scene, with some artistic liberty adjustments. The Balboa Tee was designed to serve as a visual representation of the courage we must stir up in order to stare directly into the face of fear and doubt, entering the fight with no exit strategy. Musically inspired by Slick Rick, Hey Young World,  "Go for yours 'cause dreams come true." 

Batting second, is the "Marvin - Give It Up," design. A classic and legendary icon as well as my favorite musician of all-time, so there isn't much surprise why we had to bring this little piggy to market. 

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Stay Cultrue!